Our Mission

We strive to help educate people, agencies, groups and institutions on conservation issues and help guide them towards influencing businesses to become more environmentally conscious. It is our objective to match consumers with "green" companies that meet their requirements and environmental expectations.

Daily Green Tip

In The Kitchen - Composting
By using a composting bin or container to discard kitchen scraps such as fruits, vegetables, and coffee grounds, you can do a great service to your garden. All of those scraps can be used to create a compost site in your yard. Not only will you grow a better garden and create deeper topsoil, but you’ll also recycle nutrients and save landfill space. If everyone in the United States decided to compost their organic kitchen scraps as opposed to just throwing them out with the trash, then the amount of waste spared from landfills would be enough to cover the entire city of San Francisco with a three-foot-high compost pile (a city with a land area of over 46 square miles). Composting is an excellent and efficient solution that benefits everyone in the long term.